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Boat trips

The Hotel Panorama is located vis-à-vis Lugano. In a 20 minutes walk or 2 minutes by car you  reach San Rocco, the boat pier. From here you have all possibilities for the most beautiful excursions on the lake.

Typical grottis, the Border Museum, picturesque villages like Gandria, Morcote, the city of Lugano with their southern charm are part of a really romantic cruise in southern Ticino.

Time table

Points of view

Monte Bre and San Salvatore (approx 900 m) the local Mountains from Lugano are easily accessible by boat and their respective cable car. The Generoso (1700 m) is currently accessible on foot or by car to Bella Vista. If the weather is clear, there is a visibility to the Alps and Milan. The monteTamaro 2000 m and Monte Lema 1700 m are both accessible by train.


Our local mountain Sighignola (1400 m) is directly accessible from the hotel with a walking trail or  by car via Lanzo d'Intelvi (Italy) in about 25 minutes. Its summit is called Terrazza d'Italia named because of its terrace form high above Lake of Lugano. There is the possibilityto for a round trip to the Lake of Como and back to Chiasso. 



 Two places with recognition by the UNESCO World Heritage sites:

 The Castles of Bellinzona from the Middle Ages .

 Ticino and the dinosaurs : in no other place in the world , it is possible to follow the development of marine wildlife and the natural features of the Middle Triassic ( 247-236 million years ago)  as well as on the Monte San Giorgio .

 Hiking and Sports

A beautiful hiking area extends from the Customs Museum by Generoso : For example directly from the hotel to Cantine di Gandria about 1.5 hours on foot ( Good boat connections ) , or after Arogno about 1 hour on foot, there is a bus . Also challenging hikes such Sighignola or Mte Generoso is possible near the hotel. Next there are still many opportunities in connection with the ship. hiking Tips   Acqua Splash Park and Spa in Rivera, Adventure Park at Monte Tamaro Rivera , tennis in Campione , golf in Lanzo , riding in Lanzo, Water Ski and Wakeboard in Lugano San Rocco , mountain bike tours in Ticino.


in the Designer Outlet Fox Town Mendrisio , walking in the towns of Lugano , Milan , Como , Varese, Looking at the weekly markets or visit the Flea Market at Lugano on Saturday.


Fun for the whole family takes a trip to the Swiss miniature in Melide to see buildings and public transporte of switzerland in a small size. A visit to the Zoo maglio in  Magliaso or a trip to the choccolat museum in Caslano . Who loves the big game or just the ambiance  can surely find the right in Casinò Campione, Lugano or Mendrisio .


Permanent exhibitions such as the Pinacoteca Züst in Rancate, Museo d'Arte Moderna in Lugano are always updated with Excellently exhibitions.

Other interesting museums are the Hermann Hesse Museum in Montagnola, Museo delle Culture Villa Ciani in Lugano, Museo Vela Ligornetto, fossil museum in Meride, Customs Museum in Cantine di Gandria.

The Ticino has over 70 museums, find out more here.

Parks, villages and valleys

The Floral Park in Carona Parco San Grato has its blossom time in May  but it is also a nice walk in the other months. Parco Scherrer, a very special atmosphere nestled in a subtropical vegetation finds inspired by distant cultures architecture and works of art such as Greek sculpture. Always nice is also a walk in the Parco Ciani in the city of Lugano.

Typical Ticino villages in our area by the river are Morcote and Gandria.

The Ticino landscape certainly includes the valleys: Val Muggio, Val Verzasca, Val Maggia to name only the most famous.


or why not just stay on the
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